Friday, 8 November 2019

Dear Upcoming Artistes – Here Are Some Important Articles You Should Read

Dear Upcoming Artistes – Here Are Some Important Articles You Should Read
November 08, 2019

Dear Upcoming Artiste,
Thanks for opening this page, we appreciate you for doing that – you will blow by the special grace of God 🙏
We understand the struggle perfectly, we know what you are going through but the God that blew those you are looking up to today is still very much alive (E no even fit die self). He will surely do yours if you do the right thing as regards your Music career.
NOTE:- If you know you don't want to blow, please don't read any of the Posts below.
Let's go 👇

➦ Upcoming Artistes!! You Don't Need A Record Label Or Deal To Make Money This 2019

➦ Dear Upcoming Artistes – You Don't Need Anyone To Blow, Not Even Olamide Or Don Jazzy (A Must Read)

 Top 5 Reasons Why Some Upcoming Artistes Will Never Blow This 2019

 6 Reasons Why You Need To Promote Your Song Or Video On Xbossoaded Massively This Year!

 How Xbossoaded Promoted & Turn "Ola Dips" Into A Superstar In Just 5 Months

 How Xbossoaded Promoted A Song From 13,647 Downloads To 302,009 Downloads In Just A Week

 A MUST READ!!! Why Xbossoaded Is The King Of Online Promotion In Nigeria

➦ How To Know Scammers Claiming To Be Xbossoaded & Francis Sunday

➦ 6 Things You Must Do As An Upcoming Artist To Succeed In Nigeria's Music Industry


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