THROWBACK:- 6 Childhood Play You Probably Did Back Then – Which One Did You Do As A Kid?

Hi Guys!!

It's Throwback Thursday.

Let's talk about our childhood days when we all got nothing to think about other than to play and eat.

If you didn't do any of this play in your childhood days, it means your childhood days was not interesting.

Below Are 6 Childhood Play You Might Have Done As A Kid:-

1. Suwe

This game sweet gan!!

You draw lines on the floor, jump through the lines with one leg.

If you're able to finish every box without touching lane or missing a box throw, you will buy a house.

The player with the highest house wins 😂

2. After Round One

"After round one original panadol extra, o tun gbe de" 😂

That's the song you'd have to sing in chorus when playing this game with your friends back then.

You play this game with your finger, every player picks a number, if your number showed up on the table, you win.

Last person standing is the looser and get slapped in the hand by others.

3. Tinko- Tinko

"Tinko, Tinko, Tinkonko, Tinko"

This game has a special pattern of playing it.

It involves two player, exchanging hands in a rhythmic pattern.

Na the girls sabi this game pass.

4. I Call On

This game is sweet and competitive.

If you're called and the called catch up on you, you will drop point.

The person with least point loose.

5. Tyre Fight

Did you use car tyres to fight back then?

In this game, you will have to make sure you hit your opponent tyre hard and in the end, your tyre must stand.

If your tyre didn't stand, you don loose..

The End!!

Which Of These Games Did You Play Most Back Then?

Mention Other Childhood Games You Played As A Kid

Drop your song

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