LMAO!! 7 Heartbreaking Lies Nigerian Men Give When You Catch Them Cheating

Sunday, 27 October 2019

To avoid being deceived, here are seven lies men will tell you when you catch them cheating.

Without much ado, here are some of the excuses Nigerian men give when you catch them cheating.

1. She Seduced Me

We have heard this several times. Most men caught cheating always claimed that the other person seduced them.

Well, even if the story is true, he could have resisted the temptation and say No. You can always fight temptation if you genuinely love your partner.

2. She Didn't Mean Anything To Me

When you catch a Nigerian man cheating, he will always tell you that the girl means nothing to him.

Trust me, the last thing your partner wants to hear is you telling her that the person doesn't mean anything to you.

3. It Was The Devil's Handiwork

You hear that right. Nigerian men also blame the devil for cheating on their wives. Isn't that funny?

Well, it's one of the most common excuses men give when you catch them cheating.

4. I Didn't Want To Do It but…

He will always tell you that I never wanted to do it. But I don't know what came over me.

Well, if he respects your feelings and the relationship, trust me, he could have overcome any temptation because he won't want to hurt you for any reason.

5. It Was Never My Intention To Hurt You

Once you catch him red handed, he will tell you it's never his intention to hurt you. Really? He has been sleeping with different girls in the neighborhood, yet he claimed he never intended to hurt you.

Do you really fall for that lie? Let me tell you the truth… If he doesn't want to hurt you, he won't have cheated on you in the first place.

6. It Only Happened Once

Don't expect your guy to agree that he has been cheating on you. He will only admit if you catch on the act. And he will tell you that since he has been with you, this is the only time he has been tempted to cheat on you.

Well, you don't expect your boyfriend to admit that he's a serial cheat, do you?

7. You Are The One I Truly Love

Another common lie your man will tell when you catch him cheating is, "You are the one I truly love, I'm just passing the time with her."

But he fails to understand how heartbreaking that statement makes you feel. Ask yourself; if you were to turn the table around, he catches you cheating on him, will he take it likely. Of course, the answer is NO.

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