Exclusive interview with "A Alone" E Fi Awon Omo Yahoo Le Crooner A Alone

Oluwasegun OluwaDamilare Peter known professionally as A Alone, Is a fast raising Nigerian Afro-pop singer and songwriter base in Ota, Ogun State  on an exclusive interview with Mr Samson Of OtaGossip where he pour out is mind

XBOSSLOADED: What inspired you to choose the stage name A Alone.

A Alone: Oh that's a long story, But to cut it short I can say I chose that to motivate myself and be able to set a goal timing for my self
Because way back from primary school I have been someone who has no committed caring parent and I lacked parental care but what can I do than to keep moving, and most people surrounding me don't give a damn about the boy especially when I chose music it became worse so I had to give myself that name so anytime I was called with the name it will always remind me that I had no one and I have to achieve more than what people who has supporting frame from both sides can achieve in life. But mind you I Have God, so with that I am not alone

XBOSSLOADED: Truly inspiring. And I love the spirit.
XBOSSLOADED: We know you are from Ogun State, From which part of Ogun state do you hail from?

A Alone: Ijebu Ode precisely

XBOSSLOADED: what inspired you to doing music?

A Alone: Music has been part of me right from primary school because I love Music.
Music was an antidote to depression, I used to be a dancer but I was discouraged by many things surrounding me so it gave me lot of depressions, So whenever I'm down I used to sing different kind of oldies motivational and inspirational songs to ease my myself off depression, so from there I started extracting and adding my own lyrics to other people's songs then I'll start drumming to my own mixed lyrics from there the inspiration is becoming more buoyant and interesting, that's how I started on my own but I'm unable to start it proper until I finished my SSCE when I was able to start working to pay for recording section.

XBOSSLOADED: Wow. This is inspiring and we need you to keep the spirit high and never give up because the Sky is the beginning

A Alone: Sure

XBOSSLOADED: A Alone, Are you signed to any record label yet.?

A Alone: I don't have any record label or management yet, I'm an Unsigned artist

 XBOSSLOADED: Who would you consider your mentor/idol/role model in the music industry both Nigeria and foreign?

A Alone: I don't really have a mentor because mostly listen to Christian music’s while growing up and I'm not a foreign music fan. But I have a motivator that's the way I can call him because someone who doesn't exist before you can never be a mentor to you. Davido is my motivator and he's my number 1 both local and foreign because he motivates me a lot that hard work pays. I learnt from him that talent without hard working and humility can lead you to nowhere.

XBOSSLOADED: So far how many songs do you have to your name?

A Alone: Oh I don't have much songs like that because I believe dropping songs like rain drop is not the issue the issue is make the ones that will make sense. So I can say I don't have more than 30 songs since I have been singing except the ones I'm featured on.  And not all of them are uploaded on websites because some are dedicated and some are jingles
But is easier to get any of my songs on Google
Once you type on google A Alone or for easy access you can type A Alone Mp3
Most of my songs will pop up.

XBOSSLOADED: Great, if you are given the opportunity to feature two Nigerian artists on your songs, who would you pick?

A Alone: Davido and Burna Boy

XBOSSLOADED:  I have listened to some of your songs, and there's one that you featured zlatan ibile, naira marley as well as Rahman Jago; how does it feel to have these A list artist on your track? 

A Alone: I feel very great but that's not end as it doesn't guarantee you limelight
You just have to work more hard and keep it rea, no stopping no relenting.

XBOSSLOADED: What's the biggest problem you've had to overcome so far?

A Alone: I'm yet to overcome my biggest problem and the problem is my voice is not yet heard globally, and those who are supposed to be my success ladder never believed in me.

XBOSSLOADED: What are we expecting from you as this year is running to an end?
A Alone: Hits and improvement on my Career for my loved ones to enjoy.
Ota Gossip: That's means we should be expecting another banger from you before the year runs out.

A Alone: Sure, May God Help me

 XBOSSLOADED: Lastly what do you have to say to upcoming Artist coming behind you?

A Alone: We should all sit tight, humble, hardworking.
We should not be full of our self and we should not be in too haste to have the industry money because that's what kills most people and once they aren't able to get the money they quit music, but once we work hard all other good things attached will keep coming in.

Thank you for your time A Alone, we are particularly happy to have you on our interview session.

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