Be Honest! Is This Punishment Too Much From A Father To A Son Who Stole His Money?

This is a true life story and we want you all to judge with all sincerity.

A young man narrated what his man did to him when he was 14 years old. Obviously, the young guy stole his father's money which later ignited the father's punishment.

Note that the father is a military man. Read the story below:

When I was 14years old!! I took my father complete Army Salary and ran out of the army barracks with my girlfriend!!

It was a day to Val! She was the person that gave me the idea! And I did it!! So we both ran out of the Barracks (HQ Tradoc Nigeria 🇳🇬 Army Minna) and we spent the money all in 3days!! We went to shiroro hotel in minna! Stayed 3days there!!! I told the receptionist that our parents are coming! That's why they gave us room oh! So We paid!

At home they new I was the person that's stole the money since they didn't see me for 3days!!! So when I came back home!! I already know am in trouble but I also know that my dad can't and will not kill me!!! He will only beat me!!!

We went home after 3days and my girlfriend went to their own house because her dad was also Army man!!! When My dad saw me!! He didn't say anything for good one ☝️ week!!! I thought he had forgiven me and forget!!!

I was surprised when 2 Army men came and picked me at home!! They didn't beat me oh!!! They both lifted me up and took me To HQ Tradoc Guardroom where I spent 3 days without FOOD, DRINKING WATER, NOBODY TALK TO ME, NOBODY ASKED ME WHAT HAPPENED (so I can even explain myself)

The Guardroom was filled with dirty water to the height of my chest!!! I couldn't sleep! Seat !!! Or rest !! I was standing holding the iron window for 3days !!! Half of my body was in water! I even toilet in the water! Because my dad told them not to let me out

I was shaking and crying!! I have never being as humble as I was in that moment in my whole life!!!!

After 3 days in the Guardroom!! They opened the gate without talking to me!! I manage to go home and even when I got home 🏡! My dad didn't ask me what I did with the money till date !!!!

But from that day!! I didn't touch his money!! Not even mistakenly.

From the story, do you think the father did the right thing?

Is The Punishment From The Father The Right Thing Or Just Too Much?

Drop your comments below!!!

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