What’s The Biggest Promise You’ve Ever Made During Sex?

Sex was primarily for procreation and for the benefit and pleasure of men.

Very few men paid attention to the feelings and satisfaction of women. The women were expected to just lie there and take it and be grateful. Most women did. But that’s no longer the case.

These days, girls seem to be the ones enjoying sex more than guys as they always have the impression that must get something in return of offering their body to a man.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you seriously need to cum, or that you have been so obsessed with the sex you’re having?

Oh, the most common one is when you’re trying to lure a girl into your bed and wanting to have sex with her and she asks you to make a promise to her, what is the biggest and wildest thing you’ve ever promised a girl?

Na wa ooo, after a man suffers to make sure a woman enjoy herself, by giving her gentle and hard strokes or after acting like an animal for sex, you still have to pay for making her enjoy sex. This may be due to the prostitution trend.

So Guys, back to the question 

Mine Was:- During sex with a lady back in school days,  She told me to put on condom after the second round and i was not feeling it anymore, i was so desperate to cum for the second time.

I had to beg her to let me go in raw but she declined, after so much begging she said i should promise I won’t cum inside her. I promised her and even swore on my life sef. I never knew what went wrong afterwards. I sha know i’m still living sha!

Whats The Biggest Promised You’ve Ever Made During Sex?

Did You Later Fulfill The Promise?

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