Diamond Jimma & Otega Accused by Jaywon Of Stealing ‘Aje Song and Beat’

The “This Year” Crooner by the name of “Jaywon” claims that pop act “Diamond Jimma” and “Otega” stole his song “AJE” and the Beat.
Meanwhile the beat was drop by Jaywon himself as a free beat to promote his single ‘AJE’ Now the Aje Song By Diamond Jimma Featuring Otega Is Now The Rave Of The Moment. Jaywon is calling Nd sparking for stealing his beat That he deserve a 70% of all income coming in for this boys. After Pulling the song Out on all monetised platforms.

Listen to the conversation between Jaywon and them Below.

Below is the Diamond Jimma & Otega Version


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  1. Nawa oh Mr jaywon were u keep your song wey de still am😎