[ Throwback Thursday ] Childhood games anyone who grew up in Nigeria can never forget

Growing up has always been the most sought after achievements of any young Kid, thinking being Grown is golden.
If only you know that growing up to an Adult is a scam and those thing you think you will start doing when you grow up will not be so simple as it seems again.
There are numerous plays we indulge in while growing up and I can personally say I enjoy every bit of it.
If only we can rewind this life to the good old days ehn! I will have work my ass out to make it possible, but Ko Le Werk!
Below are the list of games we all possibly enjoy as a kid back then;
which of the these childhood games, do you enjoy most when you're a kid?

1. Police and Theif

This was like Nigerian kids replicating action blockbursters.
In this game, there are the good guys (police) and the bad guys (thieves) but the stolen object is imagined.
Police is boring, Man is a thief anytime anyday!

2. Suwe

Suwe is on the numerous plays that rocked our childhood days! But seems it’s more common to the Children in the Yoruba part of Nigeria.
The joy that feels your brain when you’re the one with the highest house.
Only the real ones will understand what I mean by the highest house!

3. Mummy and Daddy

Kai! Where are the bad guys, that always fight to be the Daddy! I hope you’ve given birth now sha!
So Sad! Slay Queens have taken over now, No more Mummy and Daddy 😂 .
Those Daddy that always send the Children to school in the afternoon, God dey watch you OOh!

4. I Call On… Stop!!!

When we start building our mind and heart to be at Alert!!!
Immediately you hear your own Acronyms like this, you Japa till you hear Stop!!
I too get speed! Don’t even call my Code! Cause you can’t the Man!

5. Counter Ball

This one is legendary OoO! Only Guys will understand this one. So much joy in one picture.
Before the advent of Play stations, we’ve been rocking our own Naija made console Ooo.
That time ehn! for Counter ball, Nobody reach me for the whole hood, Go ask me for Irawo, Ajegunle, you go hear about me. 😂

6.  Tinko … Tinko

Girls especially loved this one. It involves two partners facing each other, while the theme song is sang by both as the game goes on.
Tinko! Tinko!! Tinko Tinko!!!………….

7. Building Sand Castles

Do you remember when you were still kids, you would either go to the sea shore or the front of your compound where there is sand and start molding a sand castle. This involves the use of sand, then we start molding it into our  bare feet.
This is one of our greatest achievement when we were still kids and we would want to show it to all our friends and family.
Kai!!! I can imagine the big smile on your face right now!!!
So sad nowadays kids ain’t enjoying anything Mehn! Social media don take over..
So Guys 👇

Which Of These Childhood Games, Do You Enjoy Most When You’re A Kid?

Which Other Play Do You Think We Missed Out?

Let’s hear yours….
We want to hear from you all…..

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