Jamb Series Part 26: How To Score Higher Than 80 In Jamb Use Of English

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Jamb use of English
is the only compulsory subject in the Joint Admission And Matriculation examination. As such, it should be studied with all seriousness. There have been more queries as to how to pass and score very high in Jamb English.
For Some, Jamb English is very simple. For others (Especially Science students), the Jamb use of English is their nightmare. Unfortunately both parties sometimes experience poor performance in the subject. This could traced to the fact that English generally has standard rules you must follow to be successful.
If you have ever wondered how to blast Jamb use of English and surprise your friends with a score above 80, quickly stop what you are doing and focus on this life changing article.
Steps To Score High In Jamb Use Of English
Now, you are here. It is time to reveal the secrets to scoring high in Jamb use of English. Below are tricks to score very high:
Don’t class the subject as difficult.
Never class English as easy.
Study as many Idioms as possible.
Learn new words daily.
Learn how to answer comprehension passages.
Understand the tricks behind Jamb interpretation.
Work with time.
Practice every year in past Jamb questions.
Test yourself regularly.
Now , I will try to explain each of the points above briefly.
1. Don’t Class the Use of English Difficult:
Some students tag English Language as very easy. At such, they lose interest in reading it. This will reduce your performance. Just believe that Jamb use of English can be studied.
2. Never class English as easy:
Never you underrate the Jamb use of English. Research has showed that people who class English as simple fail it more. This is because they feel they know it. Practice English often whether you think you know it or not.
3. Study as many Idioms as possible:
Jamb English questions usually feature Idioms. The more Idioms you practice, the more prepared you are to tackle the idiom section.
4. Learn New words daily:
Always go out with paper and pen. When you come across a new word, quickly put it down. You can learn a whole lot of words by watching high quality films. In any possible way, learn many words and grammar. This will prepare you for synonyms and antonyms session.
5. Learn how to answer comprehension passages:
Jamb comprehension passages carry the lion’s share in Jamb use of English. It is good you equip yourself with tools to answer Jamb comprehension questions very fast and accurately. I have completely answered the question of how to completely tackle comprehension passages.
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6. Understand Jamb Interpretation:
Jamb interpretation questions can be sometimes deceitful. It is good you learn the right skills to tackle questions under this session.
7. Work with time:
You don’t have time. Ensure to answer questions very fast during practice and in the exam hall. As you work on speed, ensure to add accuracy.
8. Practice Past Jamb questions:
I have always emphasized on this… The more past questions you answer in Jamb use of English, the higher your utme score. If possible, answer Jamb use of English questions from year 2000 to the most recent ones.
Studying with Jamb past questions will help you to cover every topic that Jamb will set. It will as well enable you take note of the hot topics in Jamb use of English.
9. Test yourself regularly:
After reading topics, ensure to engage yourself in serious questions and answer session. This will help to test your level of preparedness.
10. Revision:
Ensure to revise all that you have studied.
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Question for You: Which best textbook have you been reading for Jamb English?

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