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a Youtube is a video-filled channel where video could be watched online,a channel were most video's you love are uploaded daily but the unfortunate part of YOUTUBE is it inability to play without connecting through the internet,i have heard many who said youtube videos download via some apps like realplayer.

1. When I need to download YouTube videos I use I Jst copy and paste the video link in and hit download.

2. Remove the http://www and add ss eg
Should be changed to
3. Remove the http://www and add ss eg
Should be changed to
this is just the easiest way anyone could follow.using the said. instruction,scroll to the right side,you will see different video format like flv,mp4,3gp etc or just click on more button to see all format,then you can choose to download any base on the device you are making use of.for computer,download either mp4 or flv while for phone,download 3gp.

4. This it Go to youtube ad click on the video then copy the url. Eg
Change to
thats all

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