10. Results of Post UTME where applicable are uploaded to CAPS to
obtain aggregate scores for the candidates

11. CAPS ranks and suggests candidates that meet the Institution's
Admissions Criteria as configured on the system by the Institution.

12. The Admissions Desk Officer of the Institution reviews the List of
the Suggested Candidates and makes the decision as to which candidates
to select for further processing.

The Admissions Desk Officer generates a List of Proposed Candidates
for review and approval of the Head of the Institution

13. The Head of the Institution reviews the List of Proposed
Candidates as appropriates and push the List of Recommended Candidates

14. The JAMB (Admission Officer) reviews the Recommended Candidates to
confirm they are from those initially sent to the Institution; met the
Admissions Criteria as advertised in the brochure and as set on CAPS
by the Institution, including upload of and confirm that no qualified
candidate has been unjustly denied Admission.

No candidate will be considered without the upload of his/her O'Level
and/or A' Level results.

15. JAMB generates a List of Provisional Admissions

16. JAMB notifies Candidates to Accept / Reject Admission

17. Candidate Accepts / Rejects Admission on the JAMB Portal or
through USSD or Short Service Code within 72hours.

18. If Candidate Accepts Provisional Admission, JAMB updates Admission
Status and forwards List
of Confirmed Admissions to the Institution

19. Candidate prints Admission Letter and Proceeds to the Institution
for further internal Admission

20. If Candidate Rejects Admission, s/he becomes available in the
Market Place for further possible consideration for Admissions

Market Place Operations
The Market Place feature in CAPS provides flexibility for the
Institutions to source for candidates who may not have earlier chosen
the institution for Admission consideration. Institutions may specify
various selection parameters such as UTME score, State/ Local
Government, Gender, preferred programmes /course of the Candidates.

The List of Candidates so selected from the Market Place are then
pushed to JAMB who then notify the Candidates of Market Place
consideration by Institutions. Candidate may Accept / Reject Market
Place consideration, subject to a maximum of three (3) Market Place
considerations at a time.

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