Ladies: Checkout The Hidden Things That Easily Make Men Jealous (Especially Number 3)

All have been said about how ladies get easily jealous in a relationship but one interesting thing to note is that guys get jealous too easily as well because they have emotions and jealousy is a big part of it.
Your man could be jealous and you probably won't know; he would try as much as possible to act okay about it but deep within that may not be the case.
Here are 5 things ladies do that make men jealous
1. Long Talks Over The Phone
Believe it or not, long talks over the phone can make your man feel a sting of jealousy, especially when the call is one that got you excited; there are no two ways about it, if you are excitedly talking to another guy on the phone for a long period, he would feel a bit edgy. Men hate competition to keep their lady; they want their ladies to be theirs without the stress of other men putting them on their toes.
2. A Date
No matter what kind of date (be it a tea break with a colleague), as far as it's just you and another guy, your man would definitely feel jealous no matter how little; even if he trusts you, he would still feel jealous, men know how cunny other men can be; so it's not really that they don't trust you but they don't trust their other men.
3. Talks About Ex
This would definitely send him through the ceiling and back, no guy wants to hear a story of another guy and stories of an ex makes it even worse; talks about your ex would give him the feeling that you still care about your ex and that would definitely make him jealous.
4. When So Many Other Guys Are Interested
When so many other guys are as well interested in you, it would definitely give him a cringe; the fear of losing you, the fear of other guys deceiving you and the fear of having to compete with them to keep you are the major reasons men get scared when other men come around their lady and even with all the assurances you give him, he would still feel jealous.
5. Close Male Colleague
When you have a close male colleague, it can also make a man jealous; men would prefer their ladies to have close female colleagues rather than a close male colleague, men are envious about all these kind of things especially when it's a lady that he doesn't really trust and men also know how deceptive their other men can be.

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