Tuesday, 7 November 2017

~ ``` *FACTS ABOUT``* ` ~ ::: _LAWAL ADAM OLASUNKANMI._ Aka ~~Afrika~~

~ ``` *FACTS ABOUT``* ` ~ ::: _LAWAL ADAM OLASUNKANMI._ Aka ~~Afrika~~
November 07, 2017

Am a nice guy , a funny and jovial guy. from the Yoruba's family.
HOBBIES: dancing with live lions, jogging up and down mount everest.
MY RECORDS: Built a skyscraper in a day, killed a cobra with my bare hands .
GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: went to the sun to charge my phone.
SILENCE THINGS I 'V DONE : Ate a whole of plastic cake on my birthday.
EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I should not jump off the skyscraper I built a day, And that i was afraid, because i was strong if NOT.
PROUDEST MOMENT: When I roasted a dragon at my backyard with a lighter.
SOMETHING ABOUT ME:: I don't like bragging.....
.......... I LOVE U......
          Afrika noni.
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