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Nigeria Current Affairs Past Questions and Answers

Nigeria Current Affairs Past Questions and Answers
September 19, 2017
Get yourself familiar with some of these Nigeria Current Affairs Past
Questions and Answers. This is of the year 2017. As time goes on, we
will update more on this.
#1. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?
Answer: Herbert Macauly
#2. What was the first political party in Nigeria?
Answer: Nigerian National Democratic party (NNDP)
#3. Who is the current president of Nigeria?
Answer: Muhammadu Buhari
#4. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?
Answer: Yemi Osibajo
#5. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm represent?
Answer: Strength
#6. What do the two horses on the Nigerian coat of arm represent?
Answer: Dignity
#7. What was the black shield in the Nigerian coat of arm stand for?
Answer: Nigerian's fertile soil
#8. What does the white color in Nigerian flag stand for?
Answer: Peace
#9. What does the green color in Nigerian flag represent?
Answer: Forests and abundant natural wealth of Nigeria
#10. Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zones?
Answer: Six (6) geopolitical zones
#11. What was the first capital city in Nigeria?
Answer: Calabar
#12. What is the capital of Nigeria Now?
Answer: Abuja
#13. Who is the current Nigerian Deputy Senate president?
Answer: Senator Ike Ekweremadu
#14. What is the name of Nigerian senior national team in football?
Answer: Super Eagles
#15. When did Nigerian Golden eaglets win the world under-17 FIFA world cup
Answer: 1985, 1993, 2007, 2013
#16. Who was the first female vice chancellor of Nigerian university?
Answer: Grace Alele Williams
#17. Who gave Nigeria her name:
Answer: Flora Shaw
#18. Who designed the Nigerian flag?
Answer: Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi
#19. Who was the first man to buy a car in Nigeria?
Answer: Bob Jensen
#20. Who was the first woman to buy a car in Nigeria?
Answer: Funmilayo Ransome Kuti
#21. Who was the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria?
Answer: Funmilayo Ransome Kuti
#22. What is the first TV station in Nigeria?
Answer: Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV) in 1959
#23. When was Nigeria formed?
Answer: 1914
#24. Where was crude oil first discovered in Nigeria?
Answer: Oloibiri Oilfield, located in Oloibiri in Ogbia LGA of Bayelsa State
#25. Who was the first Nigerian to become a Noble Laureate?
Answer: Wole Soyinka
#26. Who is the Nigerian current speaker of the house of Assembly?
Answer: Yakubu Dogara
#27. What is the premier university in Nigeria?
Answer: University of Ibadan
#28. Who is the minister of education in Nigeria?
Answer: Adamu Adamu
#29. Who is the current chief justice of Nigeria?
Answer: Mahmoud Mohammed.
#30. When did Nigeria have her independent?
Answer: 1st October 1960
#31. When did Nigeria become a republic?
Answer: 1st October 1963
#32. When was the first military coup carried out in Nigeria?
Answer: 1966
#33. How many local Government do we have in Nigeria?
Answer: 774
#34. Who is the first Nigerian president?
Answer: Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe.
#35. Who was Nigerian first executive president?
Answer: Alhaji Shehu Aliyu Shagari
#36. Who was the Nigerian first prime minister?
Answer: Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
#37. What is the largest continent in the world?
Answer: ASIA with population of 3,641,000,000 while Australia &
Oceania is the smallest continent
#38. What are the five Oceans in the world?
Answer: Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean,
Arctic Ocean
#39. What is the full meaning of UNICEF ?
Answer: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
#40. Who is the current Senate President in Nigeria?
Answer: Senator Bukola Saraki
#41. Which country's flag is called the Union Jack?
Answer: Great Britain
#42. When did Nigeria become a Republic?
Answer: 1963
#43. What is centenary?
Answer: 100 years
#44. What is Nigeria?
Answer: Nigeria officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a
federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal
Capital Territory, Abuja. Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares
land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon
in the east, and Niger in the north.
#45. Who won the 2015 Nigerian presidential general election?
Answer: General Muhammadu Buhari
#46. Who is the current INEC chairman?
Answer: Mahmud Yakubu
#47. Who is the current NAFDAC Director General?
Answer: Paul Orhii
#48. Who is the current Inspector General of police?
Answer: IGP Solomon Arase
#49. Current chairman of the African Union
Answer: Robert Mugabe
#50. Who is the secretary General of the united nations
Answer: Ban Ki-Moon
#51. Who is the current minister of education?
Answer: Anthony Onwuka
#52. Mention five rivers in Nigeria that share their names with a state.
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