Monday, 24 July 2017

EDDY FAN'S BLOG: Playing �� girls / ladies ��

EDDY FAN'S BLOG: Playing �� girls / ladies ��
July 24, 2017

You leave your girl 🙇 without a word
for more than a week, make her feel dejected🙅 for more than a make her feel like  you ain't there anymore🙅 for more than a
week....but yet she behaves Like a stalker...trying to reach you but to
no avail🙇...

   During those time, another guy🙋 is there calling,texting,giving her
awesome and sweet words,..she try ignoring the cool/charming dude💏, buh
d dude keeps coming....she feels for him😒....

Yet she still heart❤ u soo much buh u ain't there anymore to complete her....#she was hurt😦💔...

   U find out abt dz...u flare up😤...u call her names:A bitch

             An ingrate

              A cheat.....

   Everytin z a name as long as it wont kill her...

Bros u forgot that no matter how a girl is , someone will always trip
for her..., no matter how annoying😖 she is, she is someone's everyday


No matter how busy you might be, even if its 2hrs out if 24hrs, always make chance fr your BAE😗.....


Single guys are much out there ,

They wanna love and be loved up...


If you play your girl 2day...

Another fresh dude go carry am as "FRESH FISH🙈🙈🙈🙈


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